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A rebellious group of teen drop-outs are caught in a time loop that catapults them back and forth to the past, present, and future, where they quickly learn that the key to acceptance from friendly forces (and a powerful defense against hostile ones) is the knowledge and respect they bring with them, and that alcohol, drugs, and bad influences play a very important part in keeping them from finding their way back to where they belong.

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A group of teen misfits explore an underground cavern system and come across a subterranean alien race who millions of years ago found refuge on planet Earth.  What our rebellious  "Goonies” soon learn is that these peaceful aliens possess the knowledge to time-travel through space-time, and this movie (or TV series) takes them on endless adventures to the past, present, and future of planet Earth as it was recorded in virtual reality by the alien researchers.  While on their various journeys to the past, we as the audience end up learning a lot about mankind’s history, and in those instances where our "Goonies” actually know their history, they accurately predict what is going to unfold.  So in the eyes of the historical leaders, peoples, and wild monsters they encounter - both friendly and hostile – these "Goonies" are viewed as either being a magical group of wizards or a malevolent gang of false prophets.

- OBJECTIVES:  As with all of our projects, our goal is to: 


- Teach history and give our audiences some background into why things are the way they are. 

- Debunk the myths, hoaxes, and "fake news."


- INSPIRE:  We hope to create a sense of wonder to inspire a new generation of Americans to take action and do the right things.  Because our show's supporting characters is a dreamer who aspires to greatness, our audiences can follow their respective paths.


- OUR ACTIONS DEFINE OUR CHARACTER:  We need to show our audiences what road one has to travel in order to achieve our lifelong dreams.  Nothing is promised or guaranteed.  Nothing is free.  One has to suffer some pain to elevate one's life to the next level.


- CALL TO ADVENTURE:  When we are personally challenged by an evil person or called out by evil events (criminal activity, war, etc.) occurring within our community, we need to answer, or the evil will eventually reach us after it destroys our neighbors. 


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