High-concept is an artistic idea that can be conveyed in a sentence or two, and is usually comprised of the following elements: 

- COMPELLING SUBJECT MATTER: A subject your audience finds fascinating: 

  - ancient myths and legends

  - alien worlds

  - deep-sea monsters

- HOOK: An element that elevates your story beyond the normal:

  - a flying elephant

  - a female crime boss

  - a wormhole that leads to hell

- DRAMA AND SUSPENSE: A risky endeavor, a deadline, and dire consequences:

  - Rescuing Jesus from a parallel universe before he is                           crucified.

  - Bringing down Earth's temperature before mankind is broiled alive.

  - Finding fresh water before the entire village perishes.

- PROVOCATIVE TITLE: A few words that hint at what your story is about:

  - Planet of the Apes

  - Star Wars

  - Snakes on a Plane 


- HOOK:  The Hebrew Ark of the Covenant

- DRAMA AND SUSPENSE:  A race against the Nazis to find the ark

- PROVOCATIVE TITLE:  Raiders of the Lost Ark

- LOGLINE:  An archaeologist must find the lost Ark of the Covenant before   the Nazis use its supernatural powers to conquer the world.


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