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SATURDAY, 12/22/18 - 12:20 PM - Prior to this moment, the title "Equally Great" had no storyline.  Minutes ago, I decided that it will be about Marvel Comics and its protagonist will be the legendary Stan Lee....

STAN LEE is a comic book creator who with his staff of writers and illustrators, creates superheroes that are meant to inspire current and future generations of children to make their contributions toward making our world great again.




Stan Lee's company responds to Bill Maher dis: The way you minimized his legacy is 'disgusting'

Both Maher and Marvel are correct regarding the issue of comic books, which again points out that there are no absolute rights or wrongs in this marvelous universe. 


While working for a Hollywood screenwriter in the 1980s, my boss predicted exactly what Maher is now saying:  "Comic books will eventually dumb down Hollywood, which in turn will dumb down the American public." 


A simpleton like Donald Trump got elected President because he is a reflection of simpleton America.  Case in point is the Central American immigration issue.  Trump blames them for creating their own problems, when in fact the United States is primarily responsible for much of the poverty and violence that exists there today. 


If Americans would SUPPLEMENT their comic book reading and video game playing with classic literature and history, they would all KNOW about the United Fruit Corporation's role in creating what was essentially a slave plantation in Central America the size of Central America.  Americans would know that as a general rule, the United States takes over one Third World country after another by simply buying gifts or paying bribes to its wealthy leaders, who in turn allow us to capitalize on their resources unhindered.  That's what made America great.  Trump easily fools millions of Americans into thinking that we give away a good chunk of our wealth to help poor countries, when in fact it is totally the opposite.  A superpower does not become super by giving away all of its wealth to the poor.  Becoming great means creating a lucrative deal for ourselves and the wealthy leaders of any region to take advantage of their poor.  But the poor will eventually tire of living as a slave 24/7.  So when certain Central American "rebels" turned to the Soviets to replace the American capitalist style of doing business, the CIA promptly armed "pro-American Jose" to kill "pro-Soviet Juan," thereby preventing the Soviets from replacing us as the reigning superpower in Central America.  By keeping "America's Backyard" politically unstable and in a constant state of civil war, the Central Americans would forever be held hostage to the United States.  That is pure genius from a business standpoint.  So in the 1980s during the Reagan years, many Central Americans fled their homelands to escape the violence, and illegally entered the United States.  But because they were illegal, they couldn't find any decent jobs and were basically forced to join such American-bred street gangs as "18th Street" and "MS-13."  But how did the gangs learn their brutal recruiting techniques?  Well, from the Americans of course!  You are either on the side of the United States or you are dead because there is no such thing as remaining neutral.  Many homegrown Americans have no idea how feared the United States was when it came to matters of business and warfare.  So the majority of the Central American "MS-13" gang members didn't even want to join any gang, but on their own, they were victims 24/7 to the Mexican street gangs.  "MS-13" essentially used brutal civil war tactics they witnessed and learned as children growing up in places like Honduras and El Salvador.  The Americans taught the Central Americans the correct way to murder via Operation Condor, which transported American-style "Dirty War" tactics from Argentina to Central America.  "MS-13" grew so fast on the streets of Los Angeles because the American-born Mexican street gangs had not seen nor committed that level of violence before.  Years later, America deported many of these "MS-13" gang members back to Central America, and because of the constant civil wars in their homelands, no government could police and control them at the street level.  So they grew in power and further added to the misery of the average Central American.  Today, South America, Central America, and Mexico are essentially pro-American, which is why it is so stupid for Trump and millions of Americans to consider those people our mortal enemies.  Trump labels them criminals, rapists, drug dealers, and "invaders" when in fact the majority of them simply want to escape poverty and violence the way Trump's ancestors and the ancestors of millions of today's Americans did in centuries past.  If these people could wait out the years it takes to enter the United States legally, they would.  Many of them don't have that option.  The true danger for the United States today is the loss of our image as a great and charitable nation, which is why we need to avoid Trump's nationalist agenda.  China has money, and if they were to suddenly get generous with the Mexicans or the Central Americans, we would have a very huge problem.  Americans need to pray that the majority of those people do not suddenly overthrow their current pro-Democracy or pro-American governments and replace them with their own versions of Cuba's Fidel Castro.  Having Soviet missiles in Cuba was a nightmare for President John F. Kennedy, and Cuba is 90 miles away from Florida.  Imagine what a nightmare it would be for President Trump to have the Soviets influencing Mexico and parking their military hardware on the other side of our southern border... 


So is Bill Maher correct about the role of comic books in the "dumbing down" of America?  Yes.  Why?  Because it replaced much of the reading that originally made America great.  The American quest for knowledge and truth has nearly evaporated among our masses. How diffcult would it be for any American to do a keyword search for "Banana Republic," "Operation Charly," "Guatemalan Genocide," or "Iran-Contra Affair" to learn the truth about America's role in South and Central America?  Not very difficult at all.  But the majority of Americans won't do it, because "National Enquirer," "People" magazine, comic books, and video games have conditioned us to  seek out what is most easiest to read and enjoy.  So Bill Maher is correct. 


But he is also wrong, because the comic books of Stan Lee contain all the virtues of courage, heroism, and great storytelling.  Everything I have written above in long form was condensed into a Stan Lee comic book, and that's the genius of his work:  He took history and replaced "Kennedy" with "superhero" or "Hitler" with "supervillain" to symbolically represent good and evil and everything in-between.  Stan Lee did educate us, but it is not the sole responsibility of comic books to educate the American mind. 


It is the responsibility of every American to educate themselves...  to question anything and everything and to maintain that sense of wonder that we as a nation have seemingly lost... 


Myths and comic books tell stories that engage and fascinate us, and with the loss of Stan Lee, we need to pray that his successors can continue such a great legacy...









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- UNEQUALLY GREAT - What makes Marvel and DC Comics greater than their competitors?


- Characters: Primary and supporting

- Possible actors

- Possible "Above-the-Line"

- Possible "Below-the-Line"


- Inspiration (Newspapers, TV, YouTube, etc.)


- Story

- Shooting


- Story location

- Shooting location


- Objectives

Our purpose is to educate and inspire...  By showing audiences an extensive portfolio and a behind-the-scenes look at how comic books go from imagination to illustration and final published form, we hope to create a sense of wonder to inspire a new generation of writers and artists to push the boundaries of storytelling and myth-making. 

Because one of the show's supporting characters is an aspiring comic book artist or writer, we also get to see the road one has to travel in order to become part of a comic book company...


OBJECTIVES:  As with all of our projects, our goal is to: 


- Teach history and give our audiences some background into why things are the way they are. 

- Debunk the myths, hoaxes, and "fake news."


- INSPIRE:  We hope to create a sense of wonder to inspire a new generation of Americans to take action and do the right things.  Because our show's supporting characters is a dreamer who aspires to greatness, our audiences can follow their respective paths.


- OUR ACTIONS DEFINE OUR CHARACTER:  We need to show our audiences what road one has to travel in order to achieve our lifelong dreams.  Nothing is promised or guaranteed.  Nothing is free.  One has to suffer some pain to elevate one's life to the next level.


- CALL TO ADVENTURE:  When we are personally challenged by an evil person or called out by evil events (criminal activity, war, etc.) occurring within our community, we need to answer, or the evil will eventually reach us after it destroys our neighbors. 



- A-B-C-Storylines



Architect Zaha Hadid was a world-famous architect who passed away on March 31, 2016.  By showing audiences her extensive portfolio of designs via our feature films, we hope to inspire a new generation of architects who will push the boundaries of building design and construction. 




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