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REVISED: WEDNESDAY, 07/05/17 - 7:54 AM

Ancient Chinese seafarers become the eyes and ears of their Emperor by sailing the high seas, where they come into direct conflict with exotic civilizations, monsters, and supernatural beings throughout the American continent.​




During the “Warring Kingdoms” period in ancient China, seven kingdoms are battling for control of Asia, and the King of Chu on the eastern coastline is desperate to protect his people from neighboring enemies. Wealth is needed to finance the Emperor’s military defense, and there are reports that such wealth can be found in a magical land known as “Fu Sang.” So the Emperor launches three hundred ships that are divided into three expeditions.

Today, the historical texts of this coastal kingdom refer to these voyagers collectively as the “Eyes of the Dragon,” and each expedition was given a different objective:

The first expedition, using maps and texts from previous scouting expeditions, is to forge lucrative business alliances with existing empires in the Americas, and to carry that wealth back to China.

The second expedition is an armed fleet that must police the Emperor’s overseas colonies and control the pirates that are victimizing his merchant and treasure ships.

The third expedition leaves port with the second expedition as part of the policing force, but in fact has a secret mission known only to its admiral, the legendary CHANG HO, who has already commanded two successful voyages in his Emperor’s behalf.

This movie series focuses primarily on the voyages of Admiral Chang Ho and his fleet of one hundred ships as they search the ancient Americas for the elusive “Child of Heaven” – an ancient alien whose spirit has the ability to leap from one human to another. Until its recent “defection” or “abduction” -– no one knows for certain – this magical spirit had served as a source of wisdom and supernatural power for the king and his illustrious ancestors.

In their search for this spiritual god-on-Earth, our voyagers are led by various clues to faraway lands, where they encounter a variety of civilizations and supernatural monsters.

Occasionally, they will aid or confront fellow countrymen who are sailing the world’s oceans on different missions, some of whom are engaged in benevolent activity toward others, and some who are committing horrible acts against Man and Nature.

At the end of every journey, Admiral Chang Ho and his voyagers come so close to capturing the elusive “Child of Heaven,” but somehow it always manages to escape, which begins the game of cat-and-mouse all over again.

But through the mere act of pursuing the spiritual, Admiral Chang Ho and his men are always left to understand that their Savior has many faces, all of which are reflected by the diverse and fascinating nature of every plant and animal life form that the “Child of Heaven” has led them to, in that magical place that is today known to the modern world as the Americas.








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“Eyes of the Dragon” is a series of action-adventure movies inspired in part by the “Sinbad,” “James Bond,” and “Star Wars” films of the 1960s and 1970s.  What follows are the loglines for possible sequel episodes: 

ARROWS OF HEAVEN - Ancient seafarers follow an unidentified flying object toward a sacred land, where heavenly angels have been summoned by their worshippers to destroy their greedy and violent oppressors.

GOD THE AVENGER - When butchered shark carcasses begin falling towards the ocean floor by the thousands, a ghostly shark god begins terrorizing a coastal city whose immense wealth is based on the shark fin trade.

TRAIL OF THE SERPENT - Ancient voyagers are forced to hunt down rebellious slave monsters who are holding the children of their wealthy masters hostage in the deepest caverns of a diamond mine.

EMERALD PLUNDER - Ancient voyagers are clearing a rain forest and building luxury estates for themselves, when they are violently confronted by a race of menacing tree dwellers.

GODDESS OF ARMIES - Ancient seafarers are rescued by a wandering child-god who evolves into a jealous, raging demon when they refuse to worship her and to obey her commandments.

THIEVES OF THUNDER - Primitive young harpies with a hunger for knowledge abduct the brightest scientific and engineering minds of an ancient voyaging fleet.

TOWERS OF KNOWLEDGE - Ancient voyagers searching for missing crew members confront a fraternity of young witch doctors engaged in the horrifying practice of animal experimentation.

KINGS OF GOLD - Ancient colonists mining vast amounts of gold from a beautiful river valley come under sudden attack by angry young monsters seeking to protect their habitat.

MAGNIFICENT SAVIOR - Disciples of a savior-child who can resurrect the dead soon learn the science of regeneration, and the unholy monsters it is capable of creating.

THE ASSASSIN’S DAUGHTER - Ancient voyagers are ordered to protect a corrupt and evil countryman from a very determined young revolutionary and her legion of angry young monsters.

CURSE OF THE HYBRIDS - Gigantic but tame livestock animals evolve into maddened predators after ignorant young farmers feed them the carcasses of other livestock.

IVORY EMPIRE - Ancient voyagers engaged in the commercial export of exotic animals go to war with a gang of young poachers who are bringing to extinction a variety of rare monsters for their ivory tusks.

MERCHANTS OF MAYHEM - In desperate need of food and water, ancient seafarers sell massive quantities of exotic weapons to a religious cult whose aim is to exterminate a larger but unarmed group of unbelievers.

DESTROYER OF ENEMIES - Ancient voyagers must save their treasured pets from the prejudice and violence of a young crusader, whose religion has instilled in him a fear and hatred of serpents.

SHEPHERD OF THE LOST - Ancient voyagers must rescue the children of countrymen who have fallen under the influence of a charismatic but evil young monster.

HIDEOUS INTRUDER - Ancient seafarers confront an idealistic young religious leader who uses violence to impose his laws upon the masses.

LORD OF THE BLIND - Ancient voyagers must defend themselves against a clan of one-eyed monsters who view the presence of strangers as being a threat to their race.

CHILDREN OF THE DEAD - Ancient colonists battle foreign enemies, unaware that their alienated offspring have formed armed militias to topple them from within.

VICTIMS OF VANITY - Ancient seafarers must stop murderous young fur traders from hunting several species of monsters to the brink of extinction.

GOD THE UNBORN - Ancient voyagers arrive at a holy city that is under attack by the violent and angry spirit of a Savior Child who was aborted weeks before birth.

EMPEROR’S ADDICTION - Ancient seafarers come to the aid of a mighty empire as it battles violent young merchants who are moving huge quantities of narcotics across its borders.

RETURN OF THE MARTYR - A miracle-child is burned alive by religious Inquisitors, only to return as a spirit that infects the minds of the young and turns them into agents of scientific revolution.

GHOST ORCHIDS - Ancient seafarers confront a group of monsters who are abducting young females from their families and forcing them into slavery and prostitution.

WATER DEMONS - Ancient voyagers arriving at a desert oasis are caught between two groups of monsters who are locked in a violent war for control of its precious waters.

POWER OF THE SON - Ancient voyagers are attacked and abducted by a half-human High Priest whose demon father has an insatiable lust for human blood.

CROWDED GARDEN - Ancient voyagers confront countrymen who are breaking peace treaties and forcing native monsters to die in the icy wilderness.

RIVER OF HORRORS - Ancient colonists are menaced by river monsters who accuse them of dumping the human waste that is causing flesh-eating bacteria to threaten their existence.

THE EDGE OF DEATH - Ancient voyagers save an elderly merchant from drowning, and as he nears the edge of death, he wills to them a vast fortune that becomes the focus of a legal battle with his violent young heirs.

DEADLY BELOVED - Ancient voyagers are led deep into a magical forest as they search for elderly comrades who were seduced and abducted by a race of deadly young gold diggers.

LIGHT OF DARKNESS - Ancient voyagers happen across a timid old tribal leader, and in attempting to arrest him as a fugitive war criminal, must go to battle against the monsters who regard him as the savior and shining light of their race.

THE LOOK OF DEATH - An ancient voyaging fleet must confront and defeat an unseen demon that is causing many of its most important members to become depressed and suicidal.

CHAINS OF DUTY - An elite unit of ancient warriors faces the dilemma of having to obey a corrupt and incompetent leader, or doing what they feel is morally right in their hearts.


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OBJECTIVES:  As with all of our projects, our goal is to: 


- Teach history and give our audiences some background into why things are the way they are. 

- Debunk the myths, hoaxes, and "fake news."


- INSPIRE:  We hope to create a sense of wonder to inspire a new generation of Americans to take action and do the right things.  Because our show's supporting characters is a dreamer who aspires to greatness, our audiences can follow their respective paths.


- OUR ACTIONS DEFINE OUR CHARACTER:  We need to show our audiences what road one has to travel in order to achieve our lifelong dreams.  Nothing is promised or guaranteed.  Nothing is free.  One has to suffer some pain to elevate one's life to the next level.


- CALL TO ADVENTURE:  When we are personally challenged by an evil person or called out by evil events (criminal activity, war, etc.) occurring within our community, we need to answer, or the evil will eventually reach us after it destroys our neighbors.



- A-B-C-Storylines



Architect Zaha Hadid was a world-famous architect who passed away on March 31, 2016.  By showing audiences her extensive portfolio of designs via our feature films, we hope to inspire a new generation of architects who will push the boundaries of building design and construction. 



The heinous killing of American wildlife by certain voyagers brings retribution when they are attacked by raging monsters. 


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