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REVISED WEDNESDAY, 08/02/17 - 8:42 PM

The granddaughter of an incarcerated Mexican drug lord takes over the family business and immediately comes into conflict with family members and gang veterans.



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This TV drama series follows the suspenseful ups and downs of a mother and housewife who assumes control of her family's drug-trafficking empire.  Although primarily a work of fiction, the protagonist is partially-based on real-life cartel leaders Sandra Avila Beltran, Claudia Ochoa Felix, Griselda Blanco, etc.


To create an Emmy-Award winning show like "The Sopranos."


To create a show that helps to minimize the widespread use of illegal narcotics in the United States.

How?  By waking up millions of Americans to a very horrific "What if...?" scenario in which the widespread addiction and violence resulting from drug use sets into motion the moral and physical collapse of the United States.



In addition, we want to educate our audiences in such areas as the histories of our two countries, the science behind narcotics and addiction, the social impact on our children, the business principles behind drug trafficking and running various agencies to stop it, the political deal-making, etc. 




We need to glorify the problem-solvers, not the problem-makers.  We need to inspire our audiences by creating characters who risk their lives to enforce the laws, to report the news, to defend themselves against criminal gangs, to invest in a business enterprise, etc. 

STEP 1:  Establish "prescription and illegal narcotics" as the central issue.  


VIEWPOINT 1:  On one side of the conflict is a United States that has been weakened by addiction and violence.  Zealous operatives on that side of the border will cross moral lines if they have to in order to stop what they see as the gradual poisoning of America. 

VIEWPOINT 2:  Directly opposing the American viewpoint are the zealous Mexican nationals who are attempting to make their country great again: 

- A rising star in Mexican politics who religiously  demonizes the memory of U.S. President James K. Polk for having "stolen" 600,000 square miles of land from Mexico in 1848.  In his mind, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming all need to be taken back, and the Mexican drug cartels are exactly the agents of justice his country needs to accomplish that. 

- The governor of the poverty-ridden Mexican state of Michoacán is faced with an economy that is unable to properly feed, clothe, and shelter its citizens.  Traditional farm crops are not improving the economy of his state the way the drug trade is, so "he needs to do what he needs to do" to protect the interests of those people who voted him into power. 

- A once-poor family in Michoacan whose patriarch was once a vigilante fighting against the brutality of the old drug cartels.  With family members living legally and illegally in the U.S., this family  has strong ties to America.  In fact, the family patriarch once lived in California and believed in the ideals that were championed by John F. Kennedy.  When he was deported back to Mexico after attempting to join the U.S. Marines, he was so shaken by the experience that he never went back.  Because the patriarch always wanted his children to escape the poverty of Mexico to one day live in the United States, he only groomed his nephews and the children of his most loyal associates for the leadership roles of the drug trade. 

It is within this world that our millionaire family is operating.  But when faced with threats from billionaire rivals seeking to take away their livelihood, the family needs to respond immediately and effectively.


After her grandfather was betrayed by a cartel leader and arrested by corrupt authorities, the family faces the loss of its properties and livelihood.  Fighting will bring violence and defeat for them, so they are all prepared to surrender.  All of them, except for one...

The first few episodes of “Family Business” must convey the following history:

  • Mexicans have for years suffered from extreme poverty.

  • The United States is the world's largest market for prescription and illegal narcotics.

  • Marijuana and heroin earns farmers much more money than traditional crops.

  • For years, the Colombians produced the cocaine and paid cash to the Mexicans for transporting it across the U.S. border.

  • When the United States cracked down on Colombian money-laundering and made it difficult for them to pay the Mexicans in cash, the Colombians began making payments in cocaine, which suddenly enabled the Mexicans to become suppliers as well as couriers.

  • This caused the Sinaloa Cartel to explode in size and invade territories in other states such as Michoacan. 

  • The person in Michoacan most able to battle the Sinaloa Cartel's incursion is a 1980s vigilante leader named Jorge Ochoa Felix, but he is soon outgunned by the Sinaloa's billion-dollar ability to purchase firearms and politicians.

  • Hunted down and cornered, the loyal forces of Jorge Ochoa Felix survive torture and death only through the military intervention of the Gulf Cartel, a rival of the Sinaloa.  

  • The leader of the Gulf Cartel subsequently forms a partnership with the Ochoa family, and that is how Jorge Ochoa Felix co-founded La Familia Michoacana.

  • Within the Gulf Cartel was their enforcement unit Los Zetas, which was composed of American-trained Mexican Special Forces soldiers who defected from the military.

  • Together with the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, La Familia kept the Sinaloa Cartel out of Michoacan.

  • The vigilante leader Jorge Ochoa Felix has always been pro-American, to the point where he was willing to fight and die for the United States.  So he is secretly reluctant to sell drugs to the Americans or to his fellow Mexicans because it destroys lives and goes counter to his vigilante spirit.  

  • In direct opposition to him is Los Zetas leader "Miguel Trevino," who hates America and wants to see drugs destroy every American and cause the collapse of the United States.  Having been deported many times and spared harsh punishment, he nevertheless hates America for the way they treat those of his countrymen who are simply seeking a better life there.

  • In his quest to destroy America, Trevino takes down other Los Zetas members to seize control, and is now behind the plot that leads to the arrest of Jorge Ochoa Felix.

  • Though La Familia has grown strong, there are no members ruthless enough to do battle with Trevino, except for female family member Claudia Ochoa Mendoza, who is determined to avenge her grandfather by destroying Trevino.

  • Claudia's rise to power:  As a teen, she had affairs with several well-known drug barons and ex-police commanders who later became drug traffickers. 

  • Claudia is a hero to the poor not only because of her generosity, but also due to the fact that her drug-dealing pumps millions of dollars into the local economy.  People would barely have enough to eat or shelter themselves otherwise.  But Claudia and her family pays a high price by being constantly pursued by police and rival cartels.

  • Meanwhile, there are members of Claudia's family who are U.S. citizens living in Chicago who are devastated by the addiction and violence that comes with using and dealing narcotics. 

  • Then there is the viewpoint of the DEA agent, who has lost friends and family members to the drug cartels, so he will stop at nothing to destroy them all. 

  • Overseeing all of this drama is a new U.S. President whose heartfelt objective is to make America great again, and he has assembled around him a team of like-minded professionals who will cross moral lines if need be to avoid the collapse of American democracy, capitalism, and everything else the nation stands for.








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Each episode is a stand-alone with its own beginning, middle, and end. If each season requires 15 episodes, here are 45 episodes to represent three seasons: 


- Byproduct of the Past

- Trapped in the Culture

- A Toddler When It Happened

- Becoming Who They Are

- Lying Frozen in Time

- Further Proof of How

- Outside the Family

- Bitterly Divided

- Based on Their Heritage

- Carrying Additional Grief

- Suddenly Without a Family

- A World of Pain and Loneliness

- Few Possibilities

- Loving Thy Neighbor

- Related Setbacks

- Removing the Past

- An Otherwise Great Family

- Numerous Occasions

- All Too Familiar

- Strict Regulations

- Part of the Punishment

- Total Disregard

- A Strong Impression

- Hidden Payload

- Intending to Protect

- Legal Challenges

- Rules Do Not Apply

- Continuing to Build

- Moments to Forget

- Police and Family Members

- So Much About Business

- Straight Talking Style

- Suitable Occupation

- Teaching Them So Much

- While Still Alive

- Treated Like Family

- Blind Side Hit

- Business Before Pleasure

- Calling the Right Plays

- Costing Them a Loss

- Families of Their Victims

- Following Father's Footsteps

- Provided with Dogs and Guns

- Request for Membership

- Very Well Executed


- Characters: Primary and supporting

- Possible actors

- Possible "Above-the-Line"

- Possible "Below-the-Line"


- Inspiration (Newspapers, TV, YouTube, etc.)


- Story

- Shooting


- Story location

- Shooting location



OBJECTIVES:  As with all of our projects, our goal is to: 


- Teach history and give our audiences some background into why things are the way they are. 

- Debunk the myths, hoaxes, and "fake news."


- INSPIRE:  We hope to create a sense of wonder to inspire a new generation of Americans to take action and do the right things.  Because our show's supporting characters is a dreamer who aspires to greatness, our audiences can follow their respective paths.


- OUR ACTIONS DEFINE OUR CHARACTER:  We need to show our audiences what road one has to travel in order to achieve our lifelong dreams.  Nothing is promised or guaranteed.  Nothing is free.  One has to suffer some pain to elevate one's life to the next level.


- CALL TO ADVENTURE:  When we are personally challenged by an evil person or called out by evil events (criminal activity, war, etc.) occurring within our community, we need to answer, or the evil will eventually reach us after it destroys our neighbors. 



- A-B-C-Storylines



Architect Zaha Hadid was a world-famous architect who passed away on March 31, 2016.  By showing audiences her extensive portfolio of designs via our feature films, we hope to inspire a new generation of architects who will push the boundaries of building design and construction. 





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