Smirky journalist TUCKER CARLSON awakens one day to learn what the world would have been like had the Mongols conquered all of Europe in the 13th-Century.

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FRIDAY, 02/22/19 - 10:11 PM - 41-031 WAILEA STREET - WAIMANALO, HAWAII - At 2:17 pm today I read an article titled "Tucker Carlson: Fox News host laughs along with guest after he suggests black people ‘need to move on’ from slavery."  That led me to submit the following reader comment using the name "Dreamworld:" 

Dreamworld:  In answer to Mark Steyn’s comment that African-Americans “need to move on,” he is correct. As for reparations, that would only open up an infinite set of divisive arguments. But here’s something that Tucker Carlson, Mark Steyn, and millions of other Anglos need to be seriously thankful for: The only thing that prevented the Mongols from conquering all of Europe was the unexpected death of their Supreme Leader Ogedei on December 11, 1241. When that happened, Mongol law forced the generals and their armies to retreat back to Central Asia. As grandsons of Genghis Khan, these generals were obligated to participate in the election of a new leader. Had Ogedei not died from a drinking binge, the Mongols would have butchered the Europeans, and Tucker Carlson’s ancestors would have felt first-hand what it would feel like to be a slave: If they were rubbish, their heads would have been chopped off and thrown on a pile. Mongols had no time for white trash. If the Carlsons had any talent, they would be stripped of everything and given new identities. Going forward, all memories of their glorious past would have been erased. The Carlsons would have ended up with Asian names the same way African-Americans had names like “Washington,” “Jefferson,” and “White” forced upon them. They would have been given a new religion – one that would be very similar to Christianity, since it’s a religion that convinces its followers to be submissive and to have a deep, unrealistic faith in attaining true freedom, equality, and other rights that will never be theirs. Forget about getting an education. The objective would be to reprogram the Carlsons into being ignorant, dependent, and irresponsible. How long would it realistically take for the Carlsons to “move on” from slavery and the stigma it inflicted upon them? Well, how long did it take Europe to recover from the Mongol invasion? Christopher Columbus did not discover America until 1492, which is right about the same time that the Europeans began using Chinese and Mongol gunpowder weapons on the unsuspecting Africans. Of course, someone like Tucker Carlson will justify the European invasion and slave trade by arguing that African rulers were marketing their African rivals to the highest bidders. True. But who created the demand? Market demands are created, and capitalists will always rush in to fill the orders. There would be no Mexican drug cartels if Americans were not such a filthy horde of drug users. Tucker Carlson has great eyesight, but he can only see from a white perspective because he never bothered to learn anything else. As a journalist, he would be of greater benefit to himself and mankind if he could somehow take off those foggy set of lenses.



Tucker Carlson: Fox News host laughs along with guest after he suggests black people ‘need to move on’ from slavery

by Chelsea Ritschel

The Independent

February 22, 2019




A guest who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show said African Americans “need to move on” from slavery because it was abolished “a century-and-a-half ago”.


Mark Steyn, a cultural commentator, made the comments on Thursday during a segment discussing 2020 presidential candidates who are in favour of reparations for African Americans.


During his rant, Steyn said: “Slavery was abolished a century and a half ago, nobody alive today has a grandparent who was a slave, and in that sense I think you reach a point where, you know, you need to move on.


“The reparations thing, eventually, as the decades go by, becomes ridiculous.”


Steyn then compared the experience of African Americans to Canadians such as himself - who he claimed also deserve reparations on the basis that if “[America] hadn’t had the revolution, the whole continent would now be Canada”.


As Steyn spoke, Carlson interjected a “yeah” before laughing along with the guest’s comments.


The conversation then turned specifically to 2020 Democratic contender Senator Kamala Harris, who supports the idea of reparations for African Americans.


The segment ended with Steyn contending that Harris’s “own experience is entirely apart from the African-American slave experience,” and that she is getting involved in “identity politics,” which prompted Carlson to agree.


“It’s also bad though. It’s really divisive,” Carlson concluded.

On social media, a clip of the segment was met with anger.

“Two white privileged men discuss reparations. Was this 1867?” one person tweeted.


Another said: “What a ridiculous comment. A sick disregard Sick Disregard of the evils of slavery. Horrific.”


The Fox News host's latest controversy comes after previous comments he'd made cost him a significant portion of his advertisers.


In December, Carlson, who is friends with Donald Trump and who regularly uses his show as a platform for divisive hate speech against immigrants, said that immigration makes America "dirtier".


The comment was met with widespread backlash and resulted in more than 20 sponsors pulling their advertisements from the primetime show.


At the time, a spokesperson for Fox News told The Independent: "It is a shame that left-wing advocacy groups, under the guise of being supposed 'media watchdogs,' weaponize social media against companies in an effort to stifle free speech.


"We will continue to stand by and work with our advertisers through these unfortunate and unnecessary distractions."








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