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Hawaii Five-O meets The Sopranos 



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A family with big hopes and dreams must fight the daily battles to overcome poverty and violence in one of the most notorious housing projects in Honolulu.



A single grandmother seeks to abandon her criminal past, but the pressures of supporting an extended family in a dysfunctional neighborhood results in an endless stream of challenges requiring love, discipline, and frantic game-plan adjustments.


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"Paradise" is a TV drama series about a well-respected and feared grandmother who is determined to rid the Honolulu housing project known as "Paradise Gardens" of all the poverty and violence that is decimating its families.  Opposing her are the new generation of criminals who once belonged to her gang and now feel that since her release from prison, she has been betraying them and the lifestyle that she herself recruited them into decades ago as teenagers.





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Honolulu's Chinatown has been a hotbed of vice since the 1920s, when thousands of restless sailors arriving at Pearl Harbor aboard U.S. warships would seek adventure and mischief in the various brothels, bars, and tattoo parlors that sprung up along Hotel Street. 

In the shanty neighborhoods surrounding Chinatown, enterprising young men from Paradise Gardens, Triangle Park, and Tin Can Alley would compete to sell drugs, operate gambling houses, and otherwise cater to the adventurous sailors and tourists that were brought home by their sisters, mothers, and aunts.  

Many of these soldiers and adventurers married into these families and lived the rest of their lives in Hawaii. 


It is from one such union that Czarina Salvador - street name CAESAR SALLY - was born, and from the very beginning, she was surrounded by bottom-feeding aunts and uncles who were heavily connected to the Honolulu underworld. 


In 1959, Hawaii joined the U.S.A. as its 50th state, and the sudden flow of Federal funding meant the immediate destruction of the slums collectively known as "the mosquito flats."  The massive housing project today known as "Paradise Gardens" was constructed in the 1960s in several phases, and Caesar Sally has seen it deteriorate from its once-grand appearance to its current status as an affordable refuge for the poorest of Hawaii's poor and its most recent of arriving immigrants. 

GEOGRAPHY - From a nearby mountaintop, rainwater flows downhill through a river that drains potential floodwaters into the ocean.  This river cuts through Chinatown and serves as a territorial border between Chinatown and the River Street Gang on one bank and Triangle Park and the Tin Can Triad on the other. 

BUSINESS - In order for drug buyers and whore-seekers to reach Triangle Park and Paradise Gardens, they must drive or walk across the bridge known as College Walk.  This is where military personnel, tourists, and college students are confronted by the River Street Gang and are forced back toward Chinatown to conduct their business.  The predominantly foreign-born members of the Tin Can Triad have traditionally battled this trade barrier with lower prices, but with the arrival of a vicious new leader from Hong Kong, the abductions and beatings are sure to escalate into big trouble for everyone involved. 


SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS - It is in this arena that Caesar Sally and her extended family are constantly working to find success in school, on the football field, on  concert stages, or any other possible means of surviving and thriving in their corner of Paradise...


...all of whom are searching for ways to find a better life.  A few of them succeed, but the majority of them get caught in the endless cycle of trying and failing at such endeavors as music, entertainment, athletics, science, business (pawn shops, eateries, pimping, drug-dealing, etc). 

Many don't know how to or refuse to obey the laws of the land, and are therefore caught in an endless cycle to taking one step forward, only to take two steps back....



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"Paradise" is a TV drama series about everyday people fighting to survive in a dysfunctional neighborhood, and reveals how some of them do survive the daily challenges to find success beyond the ghetto. 


Here are some examples of spin-off possibilities:

AQUARIA - Inspired by stories of oceanic gods and monsters, a scientist explores the deep sea and learns that some of the ancient Hawaiian myths of creation and a supposed “Tree of Life” are all too hauntingly true.

EARTH HEALERS - Having earned their college degrees, two friends from the housing project known as "Paradise" join an international organization dedicated to the healing of Mother Earth.

SKY COURT JESTERS - Recruited to play high school basketball from the courts near the housing project known as "Paradise," a teenager earns a scholarship to a collegiate powerhouse, where the temptations, frustrations, and drama on the national stage could easily derail his lifelong dream of playing as a professional. 

WARRIOR NATION - After a successful career playing college football, a former delinquent from the housing project known as "Paradise" is drafted by an NFL team and must successfully stay afloat in an arena that is notorious for eating up its participants alive, both physically and emotionally. 

WAYFINDERS - An astronomer from the housing project known as "Paradise" is chosen for a deep-space mission that could yield valuable information about inter-dimensional travel or wormhole them into the infinite darkness, never to return. 



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